Your presentation at the SCS - Swiss College of Surgeons Annual Meeting 2024

Thank you for submitting your abstract for the SCS - Swiss College of Surgeons Annual Meeting 2024.

You may find all abstract presentations in the scientific programme.

Unless stated otherwise, the presentations are as follows:

Free Communication:
- 7 minutes presentation, followed by 2 minutes discussion
- 16:9 PowerPoint (PPT) slides
- The PPT slides must be handed in at the AV-Center in room Dischma at least 30 minutes before the presentation

Visual Abstract (VA):

- DIN A0-Format
- The VA must be printed by the authors and put on display on Thursday morning
- The presenting author must be in the VA-exhibtion on Thursday, 30 May 2024 for the Visual Abstract Walk
- The presenting author must not present their VA but respond to any questions regarding the abstract

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  • Autumn 2023
    Opening of the submission platform

    The submission platform for abstracts is opened and we are looking forward to receiving many contributions.

  • 21 January 2024
    Abstract submission will be closed

    The submission platform will be closed. Until this date you can submit abstracts or adapt already submitted abstracts.

  • Until the end of February 2024

    Immediately after the submission closes, the abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.

  • End of March 2024
    Information to authors

    By the end of March, all authors will receive a report on their submission. If you are able to present your abstract at the congress, you will receive further information.

Deadline for the abstract submission

You can submit your abstract on our online platform until 21 January 2024.

The submission platform is now closed.

Submission options

Abstracts will be submitted categorised by field of expertise, not by specialty or focus of the society.
The specification of a subject area is required for the submission of the abstract.

The following format are available for selection during the submission:

  • Oral communication
  • Visual abstract
  • Video presentation

The scientific committee decides the presentation format of your submission. You may withdraw from presenting your submission, if you do not agree with the presentation format.

Reviewing and information to the authors

The contact person of the abstract submission will be informed by the end of March 2024 whether their abstract has been accepted by the jury, and will also be informed which presentation format the jury has chosen and at which time and date the presentation will be held.

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact Dr. sc. med. Gilles Nève by e-mail at gilles.neve@medworld.ch or by phone at +41 41 748 23 00.

Language of presentation

All presentations, regardless of the format, will be held in English.
No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Presentation slides and posters will also have to be written and presented in English.

Abstract submission guidelines

  1. The abstract submission is categorized by field of expertise (anatomical region or subjects, and not by society). Selection of a field of expertise is required for submission.
  2. Abstracts may be submitted either for a free communication, a visual abstract (former poster), or a video presentation. If the abstract is submitted as a free communication or a video, but is accepted by the jury as a visual abstract, the author may decide whether to present the abstract or to withdraw it. The video presentations will be integrated into free communication sessions or main sessions. 
  3. Abstracts can only be submitted online. Submissions by fax and e-mail will not be accepted.
  4. The abstracts must be submitted anonymously, i.e., no authors names, no institutions, no authors’ clinics may be mentioned, and no patient data may appear in the abstract title, text, supplements, or comments field. Important: the reviewers are obliged to REJECT your work if the above-listed anonymization criteria are not respected.
  5. The responsibility for the content of the abstractlies with the submitting authors as well as the supervisors!
    • Writing style: clear, concise, fluent, no unexplained abbreviations
    • No grammatical and spelling mistakes
    • Accepted abstracts will be published unread and uncorrected
  6. The addresses of the submitting authors - if the abstracts are accepted - are intended for publication. The operator and the organization assume no liability for incomplete or incorrect address information.
  7. Title and text cannot be entered in capital letters. Please capitalize the title according to APA or AMA style rules: APA Style Title Case Capitalization.
  8. Papers already published or accepted for publication may NOT be submitted as an abstract. If the abstract has already been presented at another congress or published as an abstract, this must be noted in the "Further remarks" field at the end of the online submission. However, such abstracts may be submitted for the SCS – Swiss College of Surgery annual meeting.
  9. Abstracts can only be submitted in English. The top abstracts will be published in the special issue of the British Journal of Surgery (BJS).
  10. If the presenting author is in training to become a specialist and presents for the first time, he or she may apply - provided that the work is accepted - for the "Award for the best first presentation at the SCS – Swiss College of Surgery annual meeting", which is endowed with CHF 2,500.
    The jury will consider both the abstract of the research work as well as the actual presentation at the congress.
  11. The content of all abstracts (also for videos) must be structured as follows:
    Background / Aims / Material&Methods / Results / Conclusions. Tables and graphics can be integrated. References must not be provided.
  12. The number of words is limited to 300 (Title, names of authors and institution not included). In case of non-compliance, the jury may note "rejected - does not meet submission criteria" in the form.
  13. Evaluation of content is based on scores for content and style. Up to 4 points may be awarded for content and up to 2 points for style, for a maximum of 6 points. See review instructions below. Jury assignments will be made by the respective basic organisation of the SCS.
  14. Tables and graphics, which are necessary for an objective evaluation of your abstract can be attached as images (JPG or PNG) in a seperate step of the submission process. These must also be submitted anonymously!
  15. The submitting author will be notified via e-mail whether the abstract was accepted or not. Acceptance of abstracts results in a mandatory registration of the presenting author for the congress.
  16. The abstracts of the free communication, visual abstract, and video will be published unread and uncorrected (especially as regards grammar and spelling) in a special online edition of Swiss knife. The responsibility for the abstract text lies entirely with the authors and the supervisors.

Notes on the review of abstract submissions

The evaluation of abstract submissions by the jury is based on the following checklist:

Checklist for Abstract evaluation

Content Scoring (max 4 points)

Clinical Studies

  • Methodology
  • Study Design
  • Topic relevance
  • Sample size
  • Follow up
  • Importance of findings

Case Report
(Series n < 10)

  • Originality
  • Innovative
  • Instructional value

(New techniques, devices, drugs)

  • Relevance
  • Problem/domain addressed
  • Innovation
  • Methodology used for evaluation
  • Importance of findings

(Review, research, lab. tests)

  • Topic relevance
  • Reader’s interest
  • Methodology
  • Study Design
  • Importance of findings
Style Scoring (max. 2 points)


  • Coherent: Title and objectives reflect the content; text is concise and remains focused on the subject area
  • Comprehensive: Purpose of the study, objectives, subjects and methods used, key results and main conclusions are clearly described
  • Complete: Sufficient information within the Abstract, accurate results description, study limitations, possible ethical aspects, further steps etc.
  • Logical: Well structured, rational argumentation, appropriate and connected conclusions are drawn

Writing style

  • Clarity and simplicity: Fluidly written, no unexplained abbreviations/terms used
  • Accuracy: No spelling or grammatical errors

Submission deadline

The submission platform for abstracts is open from October 1st, 2023, until January 21st, 2024, at 12:00 am.

Base Organisations